Interview: How the Nationwide Building Society is approaching digital change | In conversation with Richard James, Ways of Working Enablement Leader at Nationwide

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In today’s episode, we interview Richard James, Ways of Working Enablement Leader at the Nationwide Building Society.

  • The future role of the bank’s branch network
  • The importance of having the right company culture to drive change
  • The challenge of moving beyond the status quo in a big organisation
  • How the Nationwide have engineered their team structure so that teams are empowered to drive rapid change
  • How Nationwide approaching defining a great customer experience


Personalisation – The Future of Banking and Insurance

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With Doug Morris, digital strategy director at Ratio: FS, we explore the role that digital personalisation will play in the future of banking and insurance. We delved into the role personalisation plays in delivering an improved customer experience and how personalisation could help enrich the day-to-day experiences a customer has with their bank and insurer.

  • The role personalisation plays in helping a potential customer identify which product, service or content is most relevant
  •  The importance of profiling customers needs and interests
  •   The importance of delivering a joined-up experience across digital channels
  • The role of personalisation in supporting the offline conversation
  • How personalisation can help elevate a bank or insurer from a product supplier to a trusted advisor

The role of agile in developing digital customer experiences in financial services

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During this episode, we explore what agile means within the context of financial services and the role that agile methodology has to play in the design and delivery of digital experiences and why agile is more than just a buzzword used in software development.

During this interview, we also covered:

  • Why agile is more than just a buzzword
  • The debate between waterfall and agile and the pro and cons of each
  • Why large FS institutions find agile so challenging to implement
  • A breakdown of the building blocks that go into the rollout of an agile approach to digital experiences
  • How an agile approach can help FS brands to deliver faster improvements to the customer experience

The role a banks brand plays in digital customer experience

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During this episode, we are joined by Giles Cross as we explore why banks are in danger of commoditising their services by being drawn into competing on digital features and whether this is the route to building strong customer relationships.

We look at the importance which brand, brand values and taking what’s unique about your business and translating this uniqueness across digital channels and services.

We explore why a businesses brand is a crucial way to build a deep relationship with customers and is a critical way to differentiate their service as they are becoming increasingly digital.

During this interview, we also covered:

  • Why are a banks brand important
  • The importance of understanding your brand values
  • Do financial service brands translate deliver on their values
  • The challenge of de-toxifying a banks image
  • Do customers feel banks are serving their needs
  • Have legacy banks become complacent?
  • Do customers receive a fair service for the value they create for their bank?

Banking as a Service – disrupting the future with Solarisbank

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Today we’re joined by Florian Redeker, VP of Product at Solarisbank. During this conversation, we discussed the role that Banking as a Service will play with changing the way customers will potentially consume financial products in the years to come.

We explored what is Banking as a Service as well as the opportunities this has opened to banks and non-banks to deliver new products and services across traditional and non-traditional channels.

How banks are leveraging customer data to deliver tailored banking experiences – interview with Capco’s data practice lead


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During this episode, we explore with Chris Probert, data practice lead at Capco – the role of data, the obstacles which banks face when looking to leverage customer data and the opportunities it to CX teams looking to deliver a tailored banking experience.

We’ll explore:

  • The many challenges and opportunities that data opens up for banks when looking to deliver hyper-tailored banking experiences.
  • The possibilities that data present in allowing banks to offer products and services which are tailored to each individual customer’s personal needs.
  • The role of ethics and privacy
  • The importance of lowering the cost of insight acquisition
  • Example use cases for leveraging machine learning

Legal & General’s Digital product lead – Tariq Maonah on the importance of customer feedback in driving digital innovation

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During today’s episode, we explore with Tariq Maonah, Digital product lead at Legal & General – how to build a customer-first digital business at scale by collecting direct customer feedback and building products and experiences focused on solving customers day to day challenges.

We’ll explore:

  • The role that customer feedback plays in driving the digital roadmap
  • How Legal & General links their workforce as closely as possible with their customers
  • How datasets are created out of customer feedback
  • The importance of getting data into the hands of as wide a group as possible
  • The importance of creating a unified customer experience across all their products

Optimising digital experiences in financial services

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During today’s episode, we explore with Doug Morris, strategy director at Ratio:FS the role which optimisation plays in continually improving your customer’s digital experience.

During the episode, we’ll explore:

  • What is optimisation
  • The importance of continual investment in your programme
  • The role of personalisation vs testing
  • How to structure your optimisation team
  • How to build your optimisation roadmap
  • How to measure the success of an optimisation programme

Overcoming the challenges of driving digital transformation in financial services with Sol Enenmoh, head of digital transformation at Vanquis Bank

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During this episode, we are joined by Sol Enenmoh, head of digital transformation at Vanquis Bank, as we discuss a common theme from across the financial world. The constant desire to implement digital transformation projects and the challenges involved in defining, pushing through and driving successful adoption of digital initiatives.

During the episode:

  • How to define and start a digital transformation project
  • How to track digital trends and decide which ones to adopt
  • Defining KPIs and success metrics for large projects
  • The challenges of agile vs waterfall in digital transformation
  • The role of technology in driving transformation
  • Why company culture can be a deterrent towards the successful adoption of digital initiatives

2. Why building the right company culture is key to building a great experience for your customers with Moneyou CEO Bas Boelhouwers

During today’s episode, we explore with Bas Boelhouwers, CEO at Moneyou the importance and role that your company culture plays in delivering customer experiences focused on solving your customer’s problems.

We’ll explore:

  • What Moneyou defines as a good customer experience
  • How to build customer empathy into your organisation
  • The role of customer feedback in driving your digital experience roadmap
  • How banking should approach the challenge of building a customer-first approach
  • The challenge of adopting new marketing technology