Mending the disconnect between PR and digital to better position your firm as a trusted advisor

For many marketers in asset management, the challenge is how to cut through the noise and successfully position their firms as a trusted voice within their chosen area of expertise.

Most will use traditional PR tactics alongside digital communications strategies in the battle to help build an asset manager’s brand; but these are usually seen as distinct activities working separately towards the same goal.

There is a customer journey that often starts with PR but does not progress seamlessly into the digital sphere, there is usually no continuity.

To drive the full benefits that PR and digital represent, these strategies need to work in partnership.

But how should this be approached?

During this webinar, we will showcase a practical approach to integrating PR and digital to amplify, reinforce and grow your firm’s brand and trusted advisor status.

We will cover:

  • How to continue the journey from external media to owned channels
  • The role that digital plays in amplifying your PR communication
  • How digital and PR can work hand in hand to build your firm’s brand



  • Julian Rea, Managing Director, Liminal 
  • Mario Kyriacou, Co-founder, Ratio:FS


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Digital Evolution: How Financial Services are Fighting Back Against the Rise of Fintechs

In the age of customer-first banking, new entrants such as Tide, Monzo and Starling have one thing in common: service and product which provides customers with ease of use and a superior customer experience. Incumbent banks and insurance providers do not have the luxury of starting afresh and building their digital experiences from the ground up. They need to deliver a relevant personal experience, leveraging what they know about their customers but working within the restrictions of existing’s ways of working and navigating legacy systems.

During this webinar, chaired by Sol Enenmoh, Head of digital transformation, Vanquis Bank, you’ll have the opportunity to join your peers from the industry to share, learn and discuss the different approaches organisations are taking to deliver a relevant customer experience.

  • What we’ll look to cover during the session:
  • What does digital evolution look like in financial services?
  • What is the importance of humanising the digital customer experience?
  • In a highly regulated marketplace, can financial institutions ever hope to reach digital transformation nirvana?  How do you balance the need to build the ideal experience for the customer vs the internal pressure to focus on sales?
  • How to drive change from within a large established organisation

How to engage clients in a locked-down world with a digital concierge service

Who is this for?

Marketers focused on delivering better digital experiences for their firm’s clients and are looking to utilise digital to serve clients better and support their internal advisors.

Client relation teams: you are focused on onboarding and servicing clients. You are interested in understanding how digital can help support your efforts to understand clients ongoing needs.

During this session, we’ll explore the role that digital plays in building a digital concierge service to attract, retain and service clients in the digital age.

In this video we’ll explore:

How digital can better support clients in a lock-down world

How client experiences should be reimagined for the digital future

We’ll explore the role digital plays in delivering a personalised experience for each client

The role digital can play in managing client attraction and providing intelligence on clients ongoing needs

Micro-transformation in financial services

Brands are accelerating digital transformation investments, but how do we learn to make sure more significant investment equals better outcomes for the business and the customer.

Digital transformation programs can take years to solve organisational data issues, but how can marketing teams adapt right now to deliver data-driven propositions that have a measurable impact?

But how do you define if a digital transformation project is a success? Is launch your criteria for success or a hard metric such as increasing new customers from digital channels.

During this session, we explore the genuine challenges facing the sector over the coming year and how digital teams can identify the critical building blocks required for the successful adoption and continuous optimisation of digital transformation projects.

We’ll look into your customers’ role in designing digital projects and why technology may not be the biggest reason that projects do not take off or see the adoption that businesses were hoping to achieve.

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • We’ll explore how digital transformation projects must be focused on solving your customers evolving needs.
  • We’ll look into how teams and business functions need to be aligned with the end goals as much as the technology to be used.
  • The importance of fully leveraging marketing technology to deliver on your institution’s brand
  • How to deliver more value by focusing on “good enough”
  • The challenges which are holding the sector back from delivering on the customer experience promise



Digitising and personalising the client experience in financial services

This video explores how financial service businesses which maintain a strong offline client/customer relationship and the opportunities available to brands if they can deliver a digital experience which matches the service levels delivered offline.

We explore the journey into how to build a 1-2-1 digital relationship with clients by building a complete view of your clients’ needs and interests and personalising and tailoring their digital experience based on what we know about them.

This video will be most relevant for:

  • Asset management
  • Wealth management
  • Private banking –
  • Business/commercial banking


What’s covered:

  • Designing the digital experience around your clients’ needs
  • The value of personalisation in financial services
  • Tailoring experiences based on your client’s goals and risk tolerance
  • Client personalisation planning – Extending the client management function beyond face to face
  • Leveraging data visualisation tools to track and identify client opportunities
  • Putting the individual first: building client profiles to drive client engagement


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