The client:

An international bank with operations in multiple markets worldwide.

The challenge:

The client had already made significant investments in their marketing technology stack including CMS, testing, personalisation and email automation platforms, but lacked the expertise to understand how it could be connected together and deployed most effectively.

They engaged RatioFS to orchestrate a program of work to quickly demonstrate ROI and work hand-in-hand with their team to scale up a program of activity across multiple markets.

What we did:

We began by selecting one key market with clearly defined KPIs and tactical objectives, with sufficient volume of users and traffic to show a rapid measurable return on a successful proof of concept.

Working closely with the market and the global team, we built out a detailed requirements brief before undertaking a qualitative and quantitative research exercise to understand the customer needs and user journey supporting their key KPI of increasing new account applications.

We also created the service design model which looked at which core team would be needed for successful project delivery. In this case we created a scrum team of marketing, product, legal & compliance, content and product owners, and rapidly built out the core and supporting roles, responsibilities and dependencies necessary for the effective deployment and governance of the project.

By the end of month one we had deployed personalisation & testing on the market website and produced a 3 month roadmap of further high value/low effort activities.

We quickly followed this by running an integrated CMS, personalisation and ESP campaign that tracked user activity across the marketing flow, surfacing the appropriate message based on user segment and journey stage, triggering email automation flows, and feeding campaign data into a central analytics/BI reporting tool for complete visibility.

Our work into 2020 will see the further extension of personalisation into the transactional banking platform, introduction of AI-driven content recommendations, and the scaling of “always on” with discrete high impact activities across multiple markets within the established governance and delivery framework, alongside market training to transfer knowledge back to the business.


The initial POC saw an uplift in new account applications correlating to the entire year-one budget ROI based on average customer value. We continue to see high ROI of up to 400% on more recent and live workstreams across markets and campaigns which has seen diversion of budget further into these high yield activities.

Alongside the ROI on spend to date, the business has also been able to empower their teams with the knowledge and processes to begin delivery of further activities in-house, especially in driving more value out of personalised and automated campaigns, using the RatioFS team for more complex and ambitious projects.