Both digital personalisation and conversion rate optimisation are powerful tools for enhancing and improving your digital performance, however when they are harnessed together they can really supercharge how your website works, how customers engage with it and the sales you’re able to achieve.
If you are personalising messages to a specific audience but not considering or optimising the journey you are leading them through, you are only gaining half the benefit.
Similarly if you are optimising a journey without considering the visitors or customers’ needs, you are not fully maximising the benefits of the changes you’ve made.
We refer to this harnessing as CXel – customer experience excellence – put simply it is about utilising your digital capabilities to present engaging, compelling & personalised omni-channel experiences to all visitors & customers
It is about focusing on personalising & tailoring the whole customer experience, not just a specific moment, marketing message or journey.
It is about using everything you know about your visitors & customers to recognise, anticipate, meet & exceed their needs & expectations – doing so in engaging ways regardless of the channel of interaction and ultimately helping to build long-term, strong and rewarding relationships.