Digital Evolution: How Financial Services are Fighting Back Against the Rise of Fintechs

In the age of customer-first banking, new entrants such as Tide, Monzo and Starling have one thing in common: service and product which provides customers with ease of use and a superior customer experience. Incumbent banks and insurance providers do not have the luxury of starting afresh and building their digital experiences from the ground up. They need to deliver a relevant personal experience, leveraging what they know about their customers but working within the restrictions of existing’s ways of working and navigating legacy systems.

During this webinar, chaired by Sol Enenmoh, Head of digital transformation, Vanquis Bank, you’ll have the opportunity to join your peers from the industry to share, learn and discuss the different approaches organisations are taking to deliver a relevant customer experience.

  • What we’ll look to cover during the session:
  • What does digital evolution look like in financial services?
  • What is the importance of humanising the digital customer experience?
  • In a highly regulated marketplace, can financial institutions ever hope to reach digital transformation nirvana?  How do you balance the need to build the ideal experience for the customer vs the internal pressure to focus on sales?
  • How to drive change from within a large established organisation