What we do

Connecting data and technology to create highly optimised customer experiences

We work with financial services clients to deliver rapid digital customer propositions that leverage data, technology, processes and people using our team of cross-disciplinary experts to drive value quickly and then iterate to grow.

Understand the customer opportunity

We design digital experiences that are measurable, achievable and drive value, and it starts by identifying a customer need and an opportunity for growth.

We understand that you don’t have unlimited budgets and years to try, fail and try again to get things right. You have probably already invested heavily in research, platforms and people.

Ratio’s dedicated strategy, research and data team fully immerse themselves into your business, to understand your customers’ challenges in order to rapidly plan and deploy experiences that meet these needs, based entirely on data.

  • Research
  • Business Analysis
  • User Testing
  • Data analysis
  • User Research
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Heuristic review

Assess your data and technology

Financial services organisations have invested heavily in their tech stack with the goal of creating connected customer experiences, but few have made real progress.

Our Business Solutions team will audit your technologies to understand the capabilities and limitation, where integrations already exist or could be created, and how data needs to flow through the stack to support the experiences you want to create, always cognisant of the the practicalities of process and compliance.

The output of this is a technology roadmap that defines a quadrant of effort-versus-value to help you achieve quick wins with an eye on the longer term possibilities.

  • Technology and data audit
  • Integration capabilities
  • Risks, process and dependencies
  • Technology integration roadmap aligned to strategy

Launch the proposition

We synthesis the output of the strategy and technology process to define and implement a rapid Phase One proposition based around a customer journey and aligned directly to a business KPI.

At this point our Scrum of Scums model really kicks in, bringing together tightly knit teams of delivery, product owners and governance stakeholders to agree, implement, approve and deploy the first experience within a controlled service delivery framework.

We rapidly prototype the concept and test with real-world users, and against competitor propositions, to refine and adjust before we move into build. Where we need to work with platforms, we will coordinate with those stakeholders and our product specialists to implement the supporting functionality.

The end result will be a measurable customer experience that is personalised, tested, and begins to bring together elements of your marketing technology stack to create a tailored cross-channel journey geared to driving engagement and conversion.

  • A Phase One Proof-Of-Concept built around a measurable customer journey
  • % user base test before full deployment
  • AB/MvT testing at key journey stages (e.g on-site, email, personalisation)
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Project success and ROI report

Iterate and improve

Upon successful completion of the initial proposition launch, we will embed with your team each month to deliver incremental improvements and more ambitious activities based on the strategy and technology roadmap, through a combination of:

  • Always-On: building upon previous experiences deployed, we will keep these “always-on” to gradually increment the level of testing, personalisation and integration to fine tune and optimise these key journeys, ensuring you are always aiming for maximum conversion and reacting to changes in content, proposition and user behaviour
  • Discrete: alongside the always-on activity, our team will enable you to deploy more complex experiments, where heavier integration of data or technology is required, or where more advanced scenarios such as AI-driven content or transactional-related experiences are required. We will help you to keep pushing the envelope to deliver results

training and enablement

Enablement is vital to a robust customer experience program. At every step of the way throughout our process we will work with your team to train them on the fundamental techniques needed to deliver highly optimised customer experiences, whether that is on data and analytics, technology capabilities, or the implementation and support of your always-on activities.

We can also provide on-site or remote training with our team of specialists on specific technologies in your stack, meaning that alongside our normal support process you have access to the knowledge and expertise to begin managing more activity in-house, and lean on Ratio for the more complex work.

  • Technology training
  • Data & analytics training
  • Monthly support retained services