The role a banks brand plays in digital customer experience

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During this episode, we are joined by Giles Cross as we explore why banks are in danger of commoditising their services by being drawn into competing on digital features and whether this is the route to building strong customer relationships.

We look at the importance which brand, brand values and taking what’s unique about your business and translating this uniqueness across digital channels and services.

We explore why a businesses brand is a crucial way to build a deep relationship with customers and is a critical way to differentiate their service as they are becoming increasingly digital.

During this interview, we also covered:

  • Why are a banks brand important
  • The importance of understanding your brand values
  • Do financial service brands translate deliver on their values
  • The challenge of de-toxifying a banks image
  • Do customers feel banks are serving their needs
  • Have legacy banks become complacent?
  • Do customers receive a fair service for the value they create for their bank?