Mending the disconnect between PR and digital to better position your firm as a trusted advisor

For many marketers in asset management, the challenge is how to cut through the noise and successfully position their firms as a trusted voice within their chosen area of expertise.

Most will use traditional PR tactics alongside digital communications strategies in the battle to help build an asset manager’s brand; but these are usually seen as distinct activities working separately towards the same goal.

There is a customer journey that often starts with PR but does not progress seamlessly into the digital sphere, there is usually no continuity.

To drive the full benefits that PR and digital represent, these strategies need to work in partnership.

But how should this be approached?

During this webinar, we will showcase a practical approach to integrating PR and digital to amplify, reinforce and grow your firm’s brand and trusted advisor status.

We will cover:

  • How to continue the journey from external media to owned channels
  • The role that digital plays in amplifying your PR communication
  • How digital and PR can work hand in hand to build your firm’s brand



  • Julian Rea, Managing Director, Liminal 
  • Mario Kyriacou, Co-founder, Ratio:FS


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