Micro-transformation in financial services

Brands are accelerating digital transformation investments, but how do we learn to make sure more significant investment equals better outcomes for the business and the customer.

Digital transformation programs can take years to solve organisational data issues, but how can marketing teams adapt right now to deliver data-driven propositions that have a measurable impact?

But how do you define if a digital transformation project is a success? Is launch your criteria for success or a hard metric such as increasing new customers from digital channels.

During this session, we explore the genuine challenges facing the sector over the coming year and how digital teams can identify the critical building blocks required for the successful adoption and continuous optimisation of digital transformation projects.

We’ll look into your customers’ role in designing digital projects and why technology may not be the biggest reason that projects do not take off or see the adoption that businesses were hoping to achieve.

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • We’ll explore how digital transformation projects must be focused on solving your customers evolving needs.
  • We’ll look into how teams and business functions need to be aligned with the end goals as much as the technology to be used.
  • The importance of fully leveraging marketing technology to deliver on your institution’s brand
  • How to deliver more value by focusing on “good enough”
  • The challenges which are holding the sector back from delivering on the customer experience promise