Supporting global growth with digital transformation

Capco is a multinational financial services business and technology consultancy with offices in 28 cities across the globe.

In 2017 Capco was split off from its parent company to become an independent brand, with strong ambitions of growth through expanding their marketing offerings, headcount and coverage to become the global leader in their field.

Ratio were approached by Capco on a word-of-mouth recommendation to help them migrate their existing Sitecore website to their own digital platform in a short timeframe dictated by commercial priorities, and to develop an agile class-leading website to support their strategic objectives:

  • Migrate and launch a new website within four months
  • Move away from a clunky and inflexible developer-supported content updating approach to one that gives global marketing teams the ability to create and edit pages easily
  • Attract and engage candidates and employees by delivering a world class Careers experience
  • Demonstrate measurable value of digital to the business
  • Utilise Sitecore’s capabilities to deliver a personalised user experience

Our Technical Approach:

  • Sitecore Experience Platform V8.1
  • Built on Azure PaaS with SOLR Search
  • Built using Sitecore Helix principles
  • Marketing data visualisation dashboards using Klipfolio integrated with GA data
  • Integration with the existing PeopleFluent Applicant Tracking System for Careers

Meeting Capco’s Challenges

Ratio delivered a digital platform built on Sitecore’s leading Experience Cloud platform. We took an approach that prioritised and delivered on Capco’s ambitions:

  1. Flexibility and Agility:

We began by providing a training program to allow Capco’s editors to add new content within their existing Sitecore framework while development progressed to rebuild templates and components to increase efficiency and time-to-market.

By the time of launch we had redeveloped the entire website in line with Sitecore best practices to give editors a complete what-you-see-is-get Experience Editor interface.

Capco’s digital team now have a flexible platform which enables a distributed global team to manage, edit and launch campaigns on the fly utilising a flexible component driven design.

  1. Personalised Careers Experience

We redesigned the Capco Careers area to move away from a dated iFramed job search and application process driven from PeopleFluent (a third party HR tool) and instead towards an approach that is completely user-centric and promoting the different career entry points to Capco in a clean and branded design.

Users can search for jobs that are fed from PeopleFluent into Sitecore, with filters being pre-populated on the Homepage and within the Careers section based on a user’s City GeoIP to automatically display local jobs using Sitecore’s personalisation engine.

  1. Data Measurement

With the impact of digital being core to showing ROI on the project, we put in place a measurement framework which enables the business to accurately track interactions through all digital touchpoints and show where value is being generated to help direct future marketing efforts.

Data is visualised and presented with a bespoke dashboard built in Klipfolio which can be shared globally both on in-office TV screens and within a web-based interface.

Multiple data sources including Google Analytics traffic are pulled into a suite of dashboards, enabling teams to drill down into the data needed to drive decision making.



Driving quality applicants is a critical digital objective and we’ve transformed the results the website delivers:

We’re exposing careers to more of the Capco website audience. Homepage visitors are now 9% more likely to conduct a careers search on their visit.

Our integration with Capco’s ATS has improved the careers search experience and is helping users find a job relevant for them. Click through to job detail content has improved 10%

We created two new website journeys for graduates and experienced hires – two key applicant segments for Capco. These journeys have had more than 31,500 visits and 22,000 careers searches in just 5 months, with a phenomenal 70% of visits to those journeys going on to search for a job.

A solution built to best practice standard has allowed Capco to create deeper & more engaging brand experiences, and drive more traffic to boot.

This new experience has seen bounce rate fall 19%, pages/session increase 26% and average session duration has increased 15%.